On-site systems

Most businesses I deal with have spent more than is necessary on IT because they’ve been persuaded to implement more systems than they need.

Is it time you reassessed your requirements?

Simplify your on-site systems

I’ll start by reviewing your on-site systems, with a view to streamlining your IT.

My approach is to bring your costs down by only delivering what you need and by using virtual servers where possible to avoid buying new hardware. Plus, because you can put multiple virtual servers onto a single physical device, you’ll save on maintenance and power costs.

Find your ideal cloud and hardware balance

I’ll assess the IT assets you already have and carefully consider what you’d like to achieve before recommending what you should and shouldn’t move to the cloud.The assessment will take into account how working from the cloud will fit with your business and will identify where your hardware should stop, and your cloud estate should begin.

I’ll consider your cabling needs right from the off, getting it into perfect order to make future maintenance straightforward. And I’ll introduce wireless networking where appropriate, installing easy to manage, low maintenance and low-cost Ubiquiti wireless access points. These wireless networks are simple for you to maintain yourself, so you’ll need our services less frequently.

Delivering essential security

Businesses like yours are being targeted by cyber criminals all the time, so a reliable firewall is essential to block the regular attacks that could damage your reputation. And yet I find that security is often the last thing on our clients’ minds.

I plan security in right from the beginning, using DrayTek routers to provide a reliable and affordable integrated security solution including VPN, firewall, content filtering and bandwidth management.


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Get in touch today to find out how I can streamline and secure your on-site systems to hold down your costs and protect your business.